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Time Card Fraud


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Time Card Fraud

Fire someone quickly and legally with this "how to" guide.

place, damaged their own reputation, and otherwise gone on a wayward path that only leads out the door to unemployment. These should include major offenses such as arriving to work drunk, using drugs or alcohol at work, physically fighting with another co-jobholder, theft, threats of violence to manager or other co-workers, or misrepresentation of themselves. Frequently, you won't get any questions because the termination has stunned the jobholder. Third, progressive discipline is just good business. You should inform everyone you and the management team take sole responsibility for the

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business's decline and the layoffs. When giving a reference, you must disclose information the future employer needs to know about your ex-worker. Separation Preparation Process. The presence of the layoff boss will limit the laid off worker's expression of anger and frustration. You don't want to layoff someone for occasional minor misbehavior occurring over the years. You must know we've given Sherry a discontinuance package with extra pay and continuation of her health benefits. Your conclusion will hold up in court even if the ex-worker shows later there was a conspiracy of

Time Card Fraud Continued...
coworkers to get him sacked. Since a medium-risk employee is often litigious, you can expect threats of lawsuits and calls from attorneys. When both verbal and written reprimands fail, you must proceed with terminating the worker. Whether it is a reality or an unforgiving employee trying to get "even", you should deal with illegal employee dismissal claims before they get to court. This is all part of the hiring and separating an employee. When it comes to employment termination, it is important to follow standardized methods and to establish this procedure well before the need to dismiss

The smart employer's guide on Time Card Fraud and how to fire someone.

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